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Keeping pace with the extensive legal regulations and changes all around the world and integrate them into your process landscape.

e-Compliance is the most underestimated cost driver in connection with digitalization in the management of a global company.

e-Compliance (aka. E-Invoicing)

The Dilemma

  • Global players benefit from global effects in terms of markets, production, supply chains and tax advantages
  • Digitalization creates transparency and control over value creation and allows appropriate measures to be taken
  • Local legislation and authorities also enforce transparency regarding the flow of goods, money and values
  • Global process and system templates shall safeguard harmonized processes
  • Local requirements dilute or perforate the global template
  • Global organizations aiming for a strategic platform to unify compliance
  • Local entities are focusing for local solutions and partners only

You can choose between three approaches:

Tool approach

If you have your own compliance team and want to keep knowlegde and operation in your hands you might only want to buy suitable tools to fulfill legal requirements. The major efforts for implementation, operation and support will be on your side or you might want to involve external partners for single topics.

If you are looking for help in this area please follow the link below to learn how we can assist you in specific topics.

Integration approach

If you are looking for a pure integration or last mile provider for all kind of communication topics (either legally required or not) or if you are looking to integrate Non-SAP platforms with legal requirements you might want to only provide the data in a standardized or custom format and leave mapping and communication up to a third party.

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Managed Approach

If you are looking for a strategic central platform to deal with all legal requirements through one interface and completely outsourcing the process of communication you are looking for a Managed Service approach with a comprehensive set of features and legal coverage at attractive prices.

The following link will show our unique offering for global compliance with lowest organizational efforts.

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