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Compliance Advisory

Aligning internal resources and knowledge with legal requirements

You are planning your SAP rollout and need assistance tackling your global template and local requirement gaps ? Let us show you how to align and proceed.

Did you know that:

9 out of 10 organizations are forced to react quickly to legal changes,
due to missing transparency and information

… 3 of them won’t make it in time

Internal resources and knowledge are bound to organizational changes and projects

… and legal requirements and deadlines don’t care for internal schedules or change & release cycles

Most companies suffer from massive efforts or global governance breaches due to missing knowledge of differences between local and legal requirements

… ending up with highly customized solutions that are barely legal but offering high comforts for the local organization

That’s why cbs is offering proactive legal advisory services to:

  • immediately inform about upcoming legal changes and requirements
  • derive the essence of legal requirements to match the organizations language and adopt the processes involved
  • coordinate and harmonize legal changes with rollout projects and changes
  • provide mediation and guidance to fulfill and harmonize global governance and local organizations’ requirements within the legal boundaries and possibilities

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